Data Centers’ Challenges


Restricted Access Management​

Data Centers maintain high security areas that only limited personnel have access to. With Johnson Controls' truly unified security platform, data centers can utilize video to verify card access events, especially in areas with restricted access. Built-in features such as event assessment, the 2-man rule, virtual guard tour, and more, can ensure that data centers can easily review and report on security related incidents, if they do occur.


Cyber-threat Mitigation

Cybersecurity is paramount to data centers, given the critical and proprietary data they hold. Johnson Controls' approach is preventative and proactive, with native and certificate-based encryption. In addition, Johnson Controls employs over 250 engineers specialized in cybersecurity working to identify current and future threats and provide real time resolutions.


Energy Efficiency

Because data centers are regularly concerned with their power usage effectiveness (PUE), Johnson Controls provides virtualized solutions that enable resource optimization and redundancy. In turn, this allows data centers to save rack space for future growth or better distribution. With a virtualized solution, data centers can better utilize the processing of their servers to meet energy efficient requirements.

system connectivity

System Continuity

Data centers maintain vital data that runs nonstop, 24/7. With such little downtime, data centers must have redundancy measures in place in case there is a fire, power outage, or other emergency. Johnson Controls offers solutions like fail-over servers, raid storage array, and virtual infrastructure to ensure data is secure, 100% of the time.