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JCI and Federal Government
Johnson Controls and The Federal Government
Johnson Controls provides robust, innovative, and multi-layered security solutions to federal government buildings, protecting employees and important personnel from unplanned events and potential risks. Our products excel in meeting compliance requirements for buildings, keeping the most confidential information private and protected. 

Our Solutions

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion
  • Unified Platform
Access Control
Johnson Controls offers a powerful access control platform with high assurance readers and credentials, including PIV cards for fortified security. Our intelligent card readers offer advanced access control at secure points through government buildings, allowing security operators to identify and track personnel as they move around the building.
Video Surveillance
Johnson Controls provides dynamic video surveillance options. With our video technology, personnel can effectively identify suspicious behavior through tools such as forensic search and facial recognition. Our video surveillance solutions leverage AI/Analytics and body worn cameras to provide detailed reports of all activities. 
Identifying potential physical threats at the earliest point contributes to safeguarding federal government integral assets, quickly alerting the right authorities, and preventing any untoward incident from occurring. Our intrusion detection offers real-time alerts, enabling a faster response to mitigate risk.
Unified Platform
Our unified solution offers a proven video surveillance, access control, and intrusion platform that maintains visitors’, contractors’, and employees’ security with timely information for improved situational awareness and operational efficiency. 

Federal Government Challenges​


Compliance Requirements​

Johnson Controls offers comprehensive suite of high assurance solutions to comply with the U.S. Government Regulations. Our high assurance readers and credentials confirm validity with the appropriate Certificate Authority before granting access to ensure utmost building security. We offer security solutions that meet a variety of U.S. Federal Government compliance needs and also meet FICAM requirements including: FIPS 201, HSPD-12, ICD705 and UL2050.


Cybersecurity and Protection of Data​

Johnson Controls’ solutions provide government facilities with the maximum-security measures needed. Our products meet the approval of our dedicated cyber protection team, formed by more than 250 engineers specialized in detecting and mitigating cybersecurity risks.


Visibility into Activities and Events​

Johnson Controls takes an investigative approach using AI/analytics to detect crowd formation, loitering, and objects left behind, as well as body worn cameras to aid in situational awareness. Using our advanced analytics, security personnel can monitor and review unplanned events, such as rallies and protests, quickly and effectively acting if needed.


Managing Restricted Access​

Government facilities employ many individuals with varying levels of security clearances and access to restrictive areas. Through our access control system, access zones and levels can be defined within the government building, controlling who can access specific areas. If someone does access a restricted area, automatic alarms and alerts will be sent to correct personnel to mitigate the threat as soon as possible.


Unified Solution ​

Johnson Controls offers a robust unified solution that is command center driven. With built-in reporting in Johnson Control’s integrated solution, processes and blueprints can be tied directly to events. Automatic alerts and alarms quickly inform security personnel, allowing them to take appropriate action in the shortest amount of time to mitigate risk.


Centralized Management of Multiple Buildings

In complex government environments, it is necessary to have as much information as possible about current security situations. This information must be integrated to allow security professionals to generate situational awareness quickly and effectively. With Johnson Controls’ security systems, decisions can be made in the shortest time possible.

Why Johnson Controls?

Johnson Controls has been the leader in commercial video surveillance for 50+ years. With our comprehensive portfolio of brands designed to fit the needs of a business with one location or thousands of locations, we can help design your ideal security solution.

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Compliance and Cybersecurity
Compliance and Cybersecurity
Johnson Controls designs cybersecurity into our product and solution offerings and endeavors to protect those solutions (including software, hardware and hosted services) to secure your data and operations across the risk management lifecycle. Our secure product practices include the design, sourcing, development, deployment, servicing, support and retirement of products. All new Johnson Controls commercial products are developed under governance of our cybersecurity policies, standards and guidelines, which includes requirements for product testing and vulnerability management.
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Critical Solutions for the Federal Government

• High-Assurance Credential Management
• FICAM Compliant Visitor Management
• PIV-Enabled Mobile Readers
• Incident Management
• Body Worn Cameras
• Perimeter Radar Detection
• Fire Detection/Suppression System

Critical Solutions

Strategically improving systems at ODATA

“[Johnson Controls] has a robust platform that allows the integration of all systems in a natural, sustainable way over time and that supports the growth of the data center over time. [Johnson Controls] also has local support, which is essential in considering the sensitivity of the information.”

- Fabio Cortes, Engineering Manager, ODATA

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