Manage and Optimize Security for Local and State Government Facilities​

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Johnson Controls for Local and State Government Facilities
 Government facilities have specific requirements to keep the environment safe and secure. These facilities are highly protected but publicly accessible. Buildings have everyday risks that need to be mitigated effectively. When officials enter a facility they have an expectation of security, from vehicle and weapon identification to crowd management. Incident responses must be immediate while operations should be streamlined for maximum efficiency.


Our Solutions

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion
  • Unified Platform
Access Control
Johnson Controls offers a powerful and fully integrated access control and photo badging system for advanced management at secure points throughout government buildings.
Video Surveillance
Maintain secure government facilities by effectively identifying suspicious behavior, managing crowds, and collecting evidence with Johnson Controls video surveillance.
With Johnson Controls' intrusion solutions, be alerted and prevent unwanted visitors on premises during off hours to protect the building, sensitive documents, and assets.
Unified Platform
Johnson Controls' Unified Platform allows users to access HVAC, fire, intrusion, perimeter, elevator, or radar events in combined security solution. With Johnson Controls' integrated solution, government facilities can use video to verify card access, assess events, and manage incidents.

Local and State Government Challenges​

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Managing restricted access

Government facilities employ countless individuals with varying levels of security clearances and access to restricted areas. Through our access control system, access levels can be defined to control who can access specific zones. Access levels can be altered as required, increasing, or decreasing levels. All incident information can be synchronized with live video and audit trails can be reviewed.

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Improving intelligence

Our unified solutions go beyond security, providing customers with situational intelligence and automated behavioral change in their systems. A fire in the office area is not treated the same as an earthquake or a perimeter intrusion, our solution will give you the necessary step-by-step to resolve each of these situations without losing time or focus.


Centralized management of multiple buildings ​

In complex government environments, it is necessary to have as much information as possible about current security situations. This information must be integrated to allow security professionals to generate a situational awareness quickly and effectively. With Johnson Controls security systems, decisions can be made in the shortest time possible.

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Preventing Theft​

Our integrated solutions can be configured to respond to incidents within a surveillance camera’s field of view in real-time. Alerts on abnormal behaviors and suspicious objects will be sent to security personnel. Proper access control usage prevents people from being in places that they shouldn’t be to help mitigate the risk of theft.

Why Johnson Controls?

Johnson Controls has been the leader in commercial video surveillance for 50+ years. With our comprehensive portfolio of brands designed to fit the needs of a business with one location or thousands of locations, we can help design your ideal security solution.

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compliance and cybersecurity
Compliance and Cybersecurity
Johnson Controls designs cybersecurity into our product and solution offerings and endeavors to protect those solutions (including software, hardware and hosted services) to secure your data and operations across the risk management lifecycle. Our secure product practices include the design, sourcing, development, deployment, servicing, support and retirement of products. All new Johnson Controls commercial products are developed under governance of our cybersecurity policies, standards and guidelines, which includes requirements for product testing and vulnerability management.
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Critical Solutions for Local and State Government

• Mass notification and lock down
• Wireless locks
• Biometric access
• Building management 
• Advanced analytics (People counting)
• Perimeter radar detection
• Fire detection


Johnson Controls Supports Multiple Camera Security

“One advantage with (Johnson Controls) is it supports a large number of cameras. So, cameras we had already purchased we could keep,” said Bunch. “We have had a pretty good return on investment on those with (Johnson Controls) cameras and then as the (older) cameras break down we can replace them.”

- Johnny Bunch, director of technology services, City of Rome, Georgia

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