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Ward off external threats with intrusion solutions.
At Johnson Controls, we offer a wide range of alarm products that help prevent untoward incidents. No matter the industry, our smart intrusion panels and detectors offer businesses comprehensive protection against potential threats, and help create a safe environment.

Solution Differentiators

One Platform

Utilizing the same architecture throughout our products opens the door to faster innovation and streamlined solution scaling. With each product developed, we receive more information from users about their needs and can quickly turn that feedback into real-world applications for current and future devices.

Wireless/Wired Compatibility

Johnson Controls emphasizes user choice with solutions tailored to your needs. With our industry-leading hybrid approach to security, users have full control over their connection types, whether they’re utilizing existing wired security infrastructure or going wireless.

Long Range Wireless

With Johnson Controls' PowerG wireless devices, businesses can arm their premises with a high level of scalability and expandability of their security network. Such technology provides excellent coverage for effective operation, even in the most challenging facilities.

Advanced Analytics

Direct Central Station Connectivity

Johnson Controls offers direct central station connectivity, which means if a sensor on the central station alarm system is triggered by an intruder, an immediate notification is sent to the central monitoring station, where specially trained staff who work around-the-clock make informed decisions on how to respond to the situation.

Scalable & Flexible Solutions

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Our intrusion systems are designed to grow with you as your business does. From one door to a thousand doors, Johnson Controls provides you with the flexibility to migrate to multiple sites. Such flexibility saves time and money since you don’t have to ‘rip and replace’ current solutions.

Cyber Threat Mitigation

Cyber Threat Mitigation

Our approach to cybersecurity is preventative and proactive, with native and certificate-based encryption. We manufacture our intrusion solutions with end-to-end 128 bit encryption to validate they’re cyber-hardened. Johnson Controls employs over 250 engineers specialized in cybersecurity to identify current and future threats and provide real-time solutions to maintain a cybersecure environment.

Easy to setup

Easy to Set Up and Intuitive to Use

Johnson Controls' intrusion systems are simple to install and easy to use. With high functionality and low barrier to entry, our solutions can be utilized by a wide range of personnel, from security guards to IT professionals. Our alarm systems also include mobile applications to monitor entry and receive alerts from anywhere at any time, directly to your phone.

Powerful Command Center

Redundant Communications

Johnson Controls’ intrusion solutions provide redundant communications in the event of an emergency, power outages, or inclement weather. Such back-up communication modalities provides your business an extra layer of defense and can include redundancies such as radio, cellular, and internet backups.

Why Johnson Controls?

Johnson Controls has been the leader in commercial intrusion for 50+ years. With our comprehensive portfolio of brands designed to fit the needs of a business with one location or thousands of locations, we can help design your ideal security solution.

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At Johnson Controls, we recognize every industry has specific security needs. Whether it’s schools monitoring bullying and vaping, hospitals overseeing that patients don’t slip and fall, or commercial enterprises tracking unwanted visitors, Johnson Controls provides solutions tailored to industries’ requirements.

Intrusion Detection Components



Johnson Controls' panels process all intrusion system operations and activity, and can leverage hybrid connectivity to either hardwire or wirelessly connect devices. Our variety of panels range in capacity from 16 to 128 zones and two to eight partitions, providing solutions for the spectrum of installations.


We offer an assortment of sensors that monitor motion, the breaking of glass, and the opening and closing of entry points. Johnson Controls' sensors provide up to 30 feet of security coverage in a large open area, offer acoustic pattern recognition technology that provides 360 degrees of coverage, and maintain a battery life up to five years.


Keypads help secure your business from intruders with the ability to arm and disarm systems. With the option for both hardwired or wireless, Johnson Controls offers a wide range of keypads with extensive capabilities such as full control of lights, locks, thermostats, office doors, and more. In addition, specific features such as the built-in panel camera with disarm photos and emergency panic for police, fire, and medical allow Johnson Controls' keypads to add an additional layer to your intrusion system.
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Mobile Apps
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Photoelectric Beam Detectors

Simplifying security at Alliance Wireless Communications

"They [our employees] know the system is secure and technology was the best that we could get in order to protect our business and them.”

- Sharron Lawson Vice President of Sales and
Marketing Alliance Security and 


Effectively implementing integrated security at O’Regan’s Auto Mall

“With a staff of 200, we can have people transfer from one business unit to another; rather than having me issue a new card we can simply change the privileges on the card. Once the system is in place and people are aware of it, they are better managers of themselves.”

- Ron Cox, O'Regan's Director of Parts Operations


Comprehensive security at LT Michael P. Murphy Navy Seal Museum

"With the motion sensors and cameras, we are trying to track and collect data. While we're open and operating we're able to people count, the motion detectors will count how often they're tripped. I'm able to cross-reference the data to show how busy certain areas are within the building."

- Chris Wiley, President of LT Michael P. Murphy Navy Seal Museum.

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