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Johnson Controls and Healthcare
For healthcare leaders who need to deliver a seamless patient experience - whether across a vast medical campus or a single office space – Johnson Controls provides robust and intuitive security. At Johnson Controls, we help assess risk, and develop a custom security strategy, as well as install, monitor, and service integrated security systems.

Our Solutions

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion
  • Unified Platform
Access Control
Johnson Controls’ access control systems delivers dynamic access solutions integral to hospitals such as lockdown and detailed audit reports period.
Video Surveillance
Johnson Controls delivers powerful video surveillance solutions that can help detect incidents such as ‘slip and falls’ or if patients’ prescriptions are stolen.
Intrusion systems are integral to healthcare security. With feature such as long range wireless and redundant communications, you can protect your hospital or medical center, regardless of its size.
Unified Platform
Our unified platform uses video to verify card access events from employees and visitors as well as using two-way audio to ensure recording in case an incident occurs.

Healthcare’s Challenges

healthcare investments


Healthcare professionals want to ensure today’s investment is going towards a security system that meets their requirements. With a unified solution, maintain a holistic view of the facility rather than monitoring multiple disparate systems. Simplify the security management of multiple sites by monitoring through a single command center.

Health care

Maintaining System Continuity

With our fully integrated system that leverages data on building usage and performance, you can make future decisions about system maintenance. Based off the provided data, healthcare professionals are able to manage space usage, estimate maintenance costs, and identify and predict inefficiencies. This gives hospitals and healthcare centers the ability to be one step ahead in keeping their security up-to-date and ensure long-lasting performance.

healthcare cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and Protection of Data

Medical facilities must prioritize the privacy and safety of their patients’ medical records. Our solutions meet or exceed the Johnson Controls’ Cyber Solutions Product Security Program as well all HIPPA standards. This gives healthcare professionals peace of mind that their patients’ records, as well as hospital data, are safe and secure.

Protecting patients healthcare

​​Protecting Patients, Staff, and Visitors

Healthcare facilities work to protect and promote the health, safety, and well-being of patients, staff, and visitors. Our system monitors patients, with the ability to detect slip and falls if they occur. Moreover, if there is an incident, our solution enables two-way audio to ensure quick communication and de-escalation of the event.

Healthcare securing assets

Securing Assets

It’s integral for healthcare providers to take additional steps in safeguarding critical assets. Johnson Controls makes this easier with a self-service portal, where personnel can request access to certain areas of the facility, after which an automated approval route will make sure the responsible staff can approve or reject requests.

healthcare emergency situations

Response to Emergency Situations ​

In the event of an emergency, Johnson Controls equips healthcare facilities with  the tools for an effective and quick response. With our access control system, we can quickly start lockdown or evacuation procedures based upon set protocols, run reports instantly, and monitor staff and visitor locations. In addition, with mustering technology, personnel can swipe their cards at evacuation points to mark themselves and patients as safe during an incident.

Why Johnson Controls?

Johnson Controls has been the leader in commercial video surveillance for 50+ years. With our comprehensive portfolio of brands designed to fit the needs of a business with one location or thousands of locations, we can help design your ideal security solution.

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Compliance and Cybersecurity
Certificates and Cybersecurity
Johnson Controls designs cybersecurity into our product and solution offerings and endeavors to protect those solutions (including software, hardware and hosted services) to secure your data and operations across the risk management lifecycle. Our secure product practices include the design, sourcing, development, deployment, servicing, support and retirement of products. All new Johnson Controls commercial products are developed under governance of our cybersecurity policies, standards and guidelines, which includes requirements for product testing and vulnerability management.
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Critical Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

•  Emergency Evacuation
•  Elevator Integration
•  Staff Priority Integration 
•  Contamination Risk Detection
•  Guest Management
•  Behavior Detection 
•  Suspect Tracking 
•  Intercom Audio and Video Integration
•  Frictionless Biometrics


Flexible and intuitive Solutions at Lakeland Regional Health

“We wanted a system with no limit on its scalability…If a duress is sounded, [Johnson controls' solutions] lets us know, and based on what we program into the system, we can take multiple actions. We set the parameters based on what we want to control.”

-- David LaRose, CHPA, CPP, Director of Safety, Security and Emergency Management for Lakeland Regional Health 


Strategically improving systems at Dana Farber Cancer Center

“[Johnson Controls'] approach allowed the institute to extend the life of our existing [technologies]. Rather than rip and replace, were were able to focus our new investments on state-of-the-art IP technology as part of the expansion. This let us strategically add IP cameras in additional key areas and save money.”

-- Ralp Nerette, Manager, Security, Dana Farber Cancer Institute


Forward thinking security at Health Center South

“These programs enabled us to choose a flexible and scalable solution, while also allowing management to connect and oversee access points from anywhere.”

-- Tara Black, Director of Development at Health Center South

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