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Johnson Controls Security Products and Commercial
Our commercial and industrial security solutions help improve commercial workflow and streamline operations, ensuring your people, assets, and budget are protected. 

Our Solutions

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion
  • Unified Platform
Access Control
We offer a comprehensive array of access control platforms, solutions and products, which are tailored to any size and requirements of any kind. We can also provide innovative technologies like biometrics and other high-assurance solutions.
Video Surveillance
Our video surveillance solution is an intuitive, easy-to-use software designed for both proactive and reactive operational requirements. We provide extensive video analytics and integration capabilities for a solutions-based approach to security.
Johnson Controls' Intrusion offers a full range of solutions, including control panels, contact sensors, motion detectors, keypads, and communicators, notifying you of critical alerts and protecting your spaces 24/7.
Unified Platform
At Johnson Controls, we believe that a unified security system, “single pane of glass” approach, leads to a better operator experience, reduces the complexity of security operations, and provides futureproofing and scalability.

Commercial’s Challenges​


CapEx vs.OpEx​

At Johnson Controls Security Products, we understand that in order to remain competitive, you must be flexible to meet any budget and timeline, which is why we have a wide range of security offerings ranging from higher Operational Expenditure solutions such as cloud-based security, or more traditional Capital Expenditure security solutions.

Working in System

Operational Efficiencies and Workflows

Commercial businesses have many operational challenges including budget, staffing availability and the need for assured business continuity. Our products are designed to relieve pressure on budgets with predictable operating expenses. Minimize staff burden with intuitive and automated integrations and limit down time and data loss with a focus on backup functions.


Visitor Management

Johnson Controls provides first-class security for industrial settings to monitor loitering, disruptive behavior and visitors. Our keyless entry limits unwanted visitors from entering more secure areas and supplies tracking and analytics on both entrances and exits.

Cyber Security

Data Privacy and Cyber Security​

Systems that are available everywhere and all the time need to remain secure and be resilient to attacks. You can trust our solutions to not only protect hardware accessibility and uptime, but vulnerable staff and client data as well. With end-to-end encryption of communications and video, enforced operator permissions and passwords, Johnson Controls' solutions are cybersecurity hardened for the best possible defense.

Why Johnson Controls?

Johnson Controls has been the leader in commercial video surveillance for 50+ years. With our comprehensive portfolio of brands designed to fit the needs of a business with one location or thousands of locations, we can help design your ideal security solution.

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Compliance and Cybersecurity
Compliance and Cybersecurity
Johnson Controls designs cybersecurity into our product and solution offerings and endeavors to protect those solutions (including software, hardware and hosted services) to secure your data and operations across the risk management lifecycle. Our secure product practices include the design, sourcing, development, deployment, servicing, support and retirement of products. All new Johnson Controls commercial products are developed under governance of our cybersecurity policies, standards and guidelines, which includes requirements for product testing and vulnerability management.
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Critical Solutions for Commercial

• Fire Detection and Suppression
• Building Management System (BMS)
• Mass Notification and Evacuation
• Asset Management
• Visitor and Guest Management 


Elevating security at Fenway Park

“We all feel a little bit safer knowing that we have [Johnson Controls] protecting our fans, our players, the front office… It's great to know that we have the best in modern technology and [JCI] helped us get there.”

- Sam Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer, Boston Red Sox

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