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Video surveillance and access control in one unified solution.
Businesses today require a multi-faceted security solution that includes more than just a video surveillance or alarm system – they need a holistic and robust security solution that does it all from one platform. At Johnson Controls, we offer a truly unified system where companies can monitor all aspects of their security effectively and with ease.

Solution Differentiators

Advanced Analytics

Hosted and Managed Options

Johnson Controls offers both hosted and managed options for access control solutions to more easily maintain your system. With hosted access control, Johnson Controls' servers host the system off-premise and Johnson Controls manages the hardware and software updates, whereas in a managed access control solution, we host the system and manage the day-to-day administration of the system.

Fire Alarm

Open Platform for 3rd Party Integrations

Johnson Controls’ open architecture allows our integrated video, access, and intrusion solutions to work with ample 3rd party technologies. Such technologies include fire detection and suppression, building management, gunshot detection, and more.

Cloud technology

Cloud Options

Johnson Controls offers various cloud recording and storage options across our integrated solutions. By utilizing cloud capabilities, your business limits hardware that’s necessary on-site, which can lower overall operating cost and improve efficiency.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Today’s surveillance systems require advanced analytics such as AI-driven information, comprehensive reports, and impressive recall features for viewing video footage. Johnson Controls provides all of the above through powerful features such as object detection, facial recognition, mapping options, virtual guard tours, and many more. Such features are built-in to our solutions, rather than additional add-ons that companies have to purchase.

Scalable & Flexible Solutions

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Our unified access, video, and intrusion systems are designed to grow with you as your business does. From one panel to a thousand panels, Johnson Controls provides you with the flexibility to migrate to multiple sites. Such flexibility saves time and money since you don’t have to ‘rip and replace’ current solutions.

Cyber Threat Mitigation

Cyber Threat Mitigation

Our approach to cybersecurity is preventative and proactive, with native and certificate-based encryption. We manufacture our integrated solutions with end-to-end 128 bit encryption to validate they’re cyber-hardened. Johnson Controls employs over 250 engineers specialized in cybersecurity to identify current and future threats and provide real-time solutions to maintain a cybersecure environment.

Easy to setup

Easy to Set Up and Intuitive to Use

JCI’s integrated systems are simple to install and easy to use. With high functionality and low barrier to entry, our solutions can be utilized by a wide range of personnel, from security guards to IT professionals. Our unified systems also include mobile applications to monitor entry and receive alerts from anywhere at any time, directly to your phone.

Powerful Command Center

Powerful Command Center/SOC

We leverage an easily deployable and robust command center where you can send information to any work station or monitor connected to the system. The entire view comes up automatically and layouts appear on a video wall where security personnel can simply ‘right click’ to analyze and send data anywhere.

Why Johnson Controls?

Johnson Controls has been the leader in commercial integration for 50+ years. With our comprehensive portfolio of brands designed to fit the needs of a business with one location or thousands of locations, we can help design your ideal security solution.

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At Johnson Controls, we recognize every industry has specific security needs. Whether it’s schools monitoring bullying and vaping, hospitals overseeing that patients don’t slip and fall, or commercial enterprises tracking unwanted visitors, Johnson Controls provides solutions tailored to industries’ requirements.

Integrated Security Components


Video Surveillance

Johnson Controls' video surveillance solutions provide powerful visibility across an entire business regardless of size and scope. With an assortment of IP cameras, NVRs, and video management systems in our portfolio, Johnson Controls delivers diverse solutions suited to what your business needs.
Card Readers

Access Control

Johnson Controls offers premier access control solutions to maintain the comings and goings of employees, visitors, and guests. From a vast range of readers and credentials, to controllers and panels, to security and visitor management software, Johnson Controls' access control provides a holistic approach to physical security.


At Johnson Controls, we’re focused on delivering an end-to-end security solution from one unified platform that encompasses video, access, and intrusion, as well as other integrations . With such a platform, security personnel can operate a robust security operations center that provides comprehensive security of an entire business.
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Integration Capabilities

Featured Integrations

Mass Notification
Mass Notification
Perimeter Radar Detection
Perimeter Radar Detection

Simplifying security at BYN Mellon

“I started using Johnson Controls' [access control] products, and I’ve been a big advocate of it ever since. I’ve looked at all the products; I’ve looked at Casi-Rusco, Lenel, Pegasus, and some of the other companies out there, and I just think Johnson Controls is much better.”

-- Leland Dean, Regional Security Manager
Bank of New York Mellon


Strategically improving security at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

“[Johnson Controls'] approach allowed the institute to to extend the life of our existing [technologies]. Rather than rip and replace, were were able to focus our new investments on stat of the art IP technology as part of the expansion. This let us strategically add IP cameras in additional key areas and save money.”

-- Ralp Nerette, Manager, Security, Dana Farber Cancer Institute


Enhancing security at Pennsylvania State University

“The [Johnson Controls] system makes it easy to organize the video information in a way that makes sense to the business…for example, users know that these are my 30 cameras, but they don't need to know to which specific NVRs are providing the video.”

-- Sean Costella, Assistant Director of Network and Support Operations, Penn State University

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