Security that Learns in Higher Education

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Public Safety in Higher Education
Colleges and universities have a unique and challenging security environment. Providing an open and immersive learning experience in a wide variety of buildings and grounds requires integrated security products and policies that Johnson Controls Security Products can provide.

Our Solutions

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion
  • Unified Platform
Access Control
Campuses have a wide variety of access control needs. Johnson Controls offers access control products that make securing residential, administrative, and research facilities simple.
Video Surveillance
Johnson Controls is trusted by campuses across the world to provide proactive and actionable video surveillance response to incidents on campus.
Johnson Controls offers intrusion systems which are integral to campuses security. We provide systems such as perimeter radar detection, sensors, and more to protect athletic fields, classrooms, or other spaces from improper use or vandalism.
Unified Platform
Campuses are complicated and often dispersed widely. Johnson Controls' unified platform enables improved response, documentation, and case management by enabling a security operation center (SOC), allowing access control, video surveillance, and intrusion to work as one.

Higher Education Challenges ​


Diverse Architecture and Infrastructure​

In the higher education sector, colleges and universities often operate in more than one building, ranging from the typical classroom, sport facilities, and auditoriums – all of which are accompanied by parking lots. It’s critical to protect each of these locations with their specific security needs. Johnson Controls provides a broad range of video surveillance, access control and intrusion solutions to secure all areas on campus grounds.

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Communication and Mass Notification ​

Johnson Controls' security solutions can integrate a mass notification system, which provides alerts to students, faculty and staff based on threat level. Mass notification is crucial to provide information quickly and successfully during weather or on-campus emergencies.


Cyber Security​

Higher education institutions houses significant amounts of data that must be secure. Data breaches can come from any number of areas. We deploy a host of end-to-end encryption of communications and video, rigorous enforcement of operator permissions, password rotation, and field level auditing tools to know exactly what operator activity has taken place in the system.


People Management​

Due to the hustle of students coming and going at all hours and heavy traffic flow, automatic security efforts such as closing buildings when not in use or automatic lockdown in case of emergency are paramount for colleges and universities. Johnson Controls access control provides a critical infrastructure to the public safety of a campus.

Why Johnson Controls?

Johnson Controls has been the leader in commercial video surveillance for 50+ years. With our comprehensive portfolio of brands designed to fit the needs of a business with one location or thousands of locations, we can help design your ideal security solution.

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Compliance and Cybersecurity
Compliance and Cybersecurity
Johnson Controls designs cybersecurity into our product and solution offerings and endeavors to protect those solutions (including software, hardware and hosted services) to secure your data and operations across the risk management lifecycle. Our secure product practices include the design, sourcing, development, deployment, servicing, support and retirement of products. All new Johnson Controls commercial products are developed under governance of our cybersecurity policies, standards and guidelines, which includes requirements for product testing and vulnerability management.
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Critical Solutions for Higher Education

• Access Control
• Video Surveillance
• Intrusion 
• Mass Notification
• Fire alarms
• Building Automation
• Tyco Radar
• SOP integrated response plans

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Flexible Video Surveillance Solution at Penn State University

“The [Johnson Controls] system makes it easy to organize the video information in a way that makes sense to the business…for example, users know that these are my 30 cameras, but they don't need to know to which specific NVRs are providing the video.”

-- Sean Costella, Assistant Director of Network and Support Operations, Penn State University

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