Securing the gateways of the world

Airports are major transit points, with people and cargo from all over the world moving in and out, making security the top priority. With the ever-evolving demands on airport security, airports face a unique set of challenges that Johnson Control's delivers on.

The Core to Security Solutions
Johnson Control's Security Products address airport security needs by controlling access throughout the airport and preventing unauthorized access to secure areas. Our systems manage the flow of passengers, visitors and baggage through access points inside the airport.
Beyond Security
Historically, security systems only focused on meeting the security needs of the airport, but Johnson Control's aviation solutions can help improve business effectiveness, such as managing access and usage of parking facilities, air bridges, and airport equipment.
Designed for the Future
Continually changing government and industry regulations mean the aviation sector needs to adapt quickly. Johnson Control's aviation solutions provide innovative features designed to meet the changing needs of airports such as system expansion and seamless integration.
Object Detection that will provide peace-of-mind.
Never has monitoring the safety and security of airports been so important. Managing people flow, identifying potential exposure to risks and detecting noncompliance with evolving regulations can present challenges for airport operators.
Airports leverage integrated video for a range of applications:
  • Airport  operations  centre  needs  to  monitor  aircraft  movements  on  the runways, taxiways and aprons
  • Public safety, security and anti-terrorism  operations
  • Baggage handling – to check for lost  or abandoned luggage and carousel operation
  • Cargo sheds, airside gates and  perimeter  monitoring
  • Retail  and  catering  operations
  • Parking facilities and car rental desks  – viewed by both security and the rental  companies  themselves  for  staff  protection  and  monitoring  customer check-in  queues
  • To  provide  surveillance  for  all  doors  and  gates while creating real-time alerts

More commonly, airports access historical video that is often required for insurance claims. Each security officer can monitor hundreds of security cameras. If an alert occurs, the officer can immediately access the camera and associated device to see what is happening. This approach accelerates response times to true incidents and vastly reduces the number of false alarms


Scaling interoperability across old and new terminals using one platform for
Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

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Over 3,600 CEM card readers, customized door modes, and a customized OPC interface full integrated in the busiest airport in Europe, London Heathrow

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Over 2,000 smart card readers, integration to 3rd party video systems, and unique BDRM management suite for Dubai International Airport.

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Johnson Control's airport security systems have a demonstrated track record of being the most adaptable, reliable, and resilient.

In addition to the first airport-specific access control system, Johnson Control aviation solutions integrate access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection that provides a one-stop security solution.

Years of experience to solve your security challenges.

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