Security through innovation, commitment and experience

Educational institutions from around the globe are using our security systems to promote safe learning environments. We provide cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions that address the needs of each institution, whether it be a sprawling university campus, a single K-12 school location, or an entire school district.

Security Solutions - Making a Budget
Optimize Your Budget
Educational facilities require large, sometimes complex systems and solutions and funding can be difficult to acquire. Johnson Controls’ education solutions focus on a flexible and scalable phased approach to accommodate your specific budget needs.
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Ensure Business Continuity & Cyber Security
Systems need to be available everywhere but remain secure, they need to have failover capabilities, and the system needs to be resilient to attacks. When an incident occurs, you need the confidence that your security system will not go down. You can trust our solutions to not only protect hardware accessibility and uptime, but vulnerable student data as well. With end-to-end encryption of communications and video, enforced operator permissions and passwords, you can be assured you are protected.
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Meet Infrastructure Needs
Johnson Controls’ education solutions work within any existing infrastructure whether it’s a sprawling campus or a single site deployment. Our solutions can integrate with existing security environments, stand alone, or operate within the cloud. We allow for customized plans and products that can adapt with your changing environment.

Security without complexity or compromise.

Integrated Systems to Improve Situational Awareness

Different problems and risks call for different ways to solve them. Within the education sector, staff and operators rely on multi-facetted, multi-technology approaches. Information is often manually connected from one system to another to fully investigate an incident.


Johnson Controls creates integrated security solutions that not only integrate with our own product range, but also offer robust Partner Programs for integrations with many other security, life safety and building management system manufacturers. With these integrations, education facilities have the flexibility to manage their security solutions from a single operator interface, resulting in:


  • Less training and associated expenditures
  • Better situational awareness when responding to events
  • Easier, quicker investigations
  • Prioritize events by receiving focused information
  • Saving costs, through needing less hardware
  • A solution approach to meet the security operational needs
  • Event linking to conceptualize events
  • Reduce system administrative time

Unifying disparate systems into one security management platform at Pennsylvania State University

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Serving 16,000 students through seamless remote access at Camosun Community College.

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Providing a comprehensive security system for Florida Atlantic University's College of Medicine

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Years of experience to solve your security challenges.

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