Highly available and flexible systems for smarter security.

Financial institutions are facing advanced security threats in an ever-changing economic climate; they need to protect their customers, staff, assets and buildings. We offer smart, cost-effective and integrated solutions for institutions that require constant monitoring and others that only need retrospective interventions.

Protect Vulnerable Infrastructure
Financial systems are available 24/7 and need to remain secure, they need to have failover capabilities, and the system needs to be resilient to attacks. That’s why Johnson Controls has developed solutions you can trust to not only protect hardware accessibility and uptime, but vulnerable staff and client data as well. With end-to-end encryption of communications and video, redundant application servers and dual path reporting, you can be sure you are protected.
Streamline Workflows
Excessive manual security processes often lead to complex challenges, errors and an ineffective security system. With our security products, you can integrate your security systems to automate event alerts, speed up response time, reduce cost and gain quicker access to important data, which ultimately improves workflows and increases the effectiveness of your security system.
Minimize Safety Threats
The finance and banking industry faces a variety of safety threats from physical attacks to more complex cyber-attacks. Johnson Controls provides security solutions to manage these threats from robust cyber security to technology such as facial matching to alert the arrival of a person of interest or a customer violating a health and safety policy. Alerts can be set up based on need and will reduce the burden on guards and operators as well as limit the number of false alarms.

Mapping the core value of our security solutions to the very challenges financial and banking institutions face.

Integrated Systems and Automations to Provide Easy Access to Data

Johnson Controls offers integrated security solutions that not only integrate with our own product range, but also with our robust Partner Program which includes integrations with many other security, life safety and building management system manufacturers. With these integrations, finance and banking institutions have the flexibility to manage all their security solutions within a single client.

•       Integrated systems using a single client speeds up responses and reduces costs

•       Automation between systems allows for immediate reactions to events and better awareness

•       Case management and incident assessment features present crucial information to operators

•       Centralized monitoring provides both live and retrospective information for immediate response and analysis 


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