Cybersecurity, Convergence and Data Analytics in One Place

Government facilities are complex environments that need to ensure the safety and security of visitors, suppliers, and employees while maintaining cyber security and biosecurity. Johnson Controls provides a wide range of innovative security systems to meet these challenges.

Improve Intelligence

Our unified solutions go beyond security, providing customers with situational intelligence and automated behavioral change in their systems. A fire in the office area is not treated the same as an earthquake or a perimeter intrusion, our solution will give you the necessary step-by-step to resolve each of these situations without losing time or focus.

Establish Integrated Solutions

In complex environments such as government facilities, it is necessary to have as much information as possible and this information must be integrated in a way that allows you to generate situational awareness quickly and effectively. Depending on your facility's needs, our platform can include a range of functionalities including video surveillance, frictionless access control, facial recognition, and area occupancy.

Guard Against Threats

Our solutions help you stay compliant and maintain control of vital security systems making your spaces safer and guarding against various threats including cyberattacks, bio attacks, theft, vandalism, acts of violence and more.

Johnson Controls' Features and Solutions

System Integration for Cross-Platform Event Management

Integrations with video, access control and intrusion products provide government facilities with faster access to information resulting in greater situational awareness and operational efficiency.

  • Johnson Controls’ surveillance, access control and intrusion detection system can integrate with third-party systems such as fire systems, HVAC monitoring systems, perimeter protection systems and building management systems.
  • Manage security from a central control room and maximize the effectiveness of all your security systems.
  • Integrated artificial intelligence and deep learning analytics provide frictionless access control, object detection and real-time alerts to increase operational efficiency.
  • Real-time alerts can be created to work across platforms and provide immediate camera and door access resulting in accelerated incident response time, while eliminating false alarms.

Years of experience to solve your security challenges.

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