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The safety and security of IT and Datacenter suppliers and employees must be ensured as well as the continuous operation of the equipment in temperature and humidity-controlled environments with no downtime. Johnson Controls has products that offer a wide range of innovative security systems that provide reliable protection in each of these situations.

Manage Restricted Access
Through our access control system, access zones and racks can be defined within the IT/ Datacenter facility, controlling who can access specific areas. These access levels can be altered as required to increase or decrease levels of security as your operations demand.
Improve Intelligence
Powered by Tyco AI, our unified solutions go beyond security, providing customers with situational intelligence and automated behavioral change in their systems. A fire in the server area is not treated the same as an earthquake or a perimeter intrusion, our solution will give you the necessary step-by-step to resolve each of these situations without losing time or focus.
Energy Efficient

We know that energy efficiency and redundancy are a pillar in your facilities. Our security systems support virtualization allowing you to install video and access systems on your trusted servers that already have approved security policies, avoiding possible security holes in your network and optimizing the energy consumption of your facilities.

Mapping the core value of our security solutions to the very challenges financial and banking institutions face.

Integrated systems to improve situational awareness

Johnson Controls creates integrated security solutions that not only integrate with our own product range, but we also offer a robust Partner Program for integrations with many other security, life safety and building management system manufacturers. With these integrations, IT Data centers have the flexibility to manage their security solutions from a single operator interface, resulting in:

·       Less training and associated expenditures 

·       Better situational awareness when responding to events 

·       Easier, quicker investigations 

·       Prioritize events by receiving focused information 

·       Saving costs, through needing less hardware 

·       A solution approach to meet the security operational needs 

·       Event linking to conceptualize events 

·       Reduce system administrative time 


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