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Discover cost-effective solutions and economical products that can be scaled to fit the needs and budget of a wide range of institutions including hospitals, clinics, wellness centers and other healthcare facilities. Our innovative technology ensures the safety of patients, staff and visitors.

Manage Persons Entering Restricted Spaces
Hospitals and healthcare facilities are largely public spaces so access control for defined security areas is very important. Card and reader technologies are used to control access to facilities, buildings or specific areas within a facility and ensure sensitive areas such as pharmacies, archives, central supply and research clinics are only accessed by authorized personnel. Our access control systems provide enterprise-wide security via sophisticated access control points and intelligent video monitoring for staff, patients, visitors and assets.
Reduce Theft, Vandalism, and Violence
Video monitoring helps ensure a safe and healing environment. It acts as a deterrent, preventing theft of personal and hospital property and maintain the safety of patients, staff and visitors. When incidents do occur, our technology makes it possible to immediately intervene, or to identify suspects after the fact. Our video surveillance solutions combine cutting-edge technology with discreet design and our cameras can be seamlessly integrated into any existing architecture.
Centralize Video, Communication, and Access Control
We provide a single security platform with an easy-to-use interface, allowing for fast forensic investigation and centralized access. Depending on the needs of your institution, our platform can include a range of functionalities including video surveillance, access control, overhead paging, and an end-to-end nurse call system. From managing available parking spaces to monitoring cafeteria lines and determining whether an additional cashier is needed, our flexible and affordable technology improves the efficiency of everyday operations.

Delivering peace-of-mind to security operators, while protecting patients, staff, and assets.


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