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Today’s advanced video technology allows operators to become the eyes and ears of buildings, enabling them to not only protect visitors and assets, but also achieve operational excellence.

Create a Customized Experience
Our powerful video management systems (VMS) cater to virtually every market imaginable and integrate with a wide variety of access control solutions, video analytics, and IP cameras. We understand that your business is unique and our solutions, from software, to cameras, to NVRs can be customized to meet your needs. Whether those needs are small or enterprise level, Johnson Controls has the products to take your security to the next level.
Seamlessly Integrate Security
We offer an open platform VMS with an easy-to-use interface, allowing for fast forensic investigations and centralized access. Our VMS software integrates with existing systems and third-party technologies ranging from access control to fire, intrusion, and more. Integrated systems improve response times to critical alarms and events.
Operate with Actionable Intelligence
Video intelligence analytics help maintain security, provide operational efficiency and ensure employee safety. Artificial intelligence (AI) uses powerful algorithms to customize capabilities such as object detection and classification, behavior monitoring, license plate recognition, facial recognition and more. AI-enabled analytics learn the behavior of normal operations and can trigger alerts when something unusual happens, like a crowd forming or someone running in an area where people normally walk.

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Expanding the clinical care space to serve growing patient and research needs for Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

This integrated solution allows integrating the analog and IP video technologies to make them function seamlessly together, and sharing video with other users easily within Dana-Farber, all while safeguarding unauthorized views and exports of the footage.

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Integrated Surveillance Solution for Wakefield Grammar School Foundation

Wakefield Grammar wanted to go beyond building security and have the capacity to monitor and secure the entire perimeter of its substantial campus in northern England.

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