PowerSeries Neo Update from V1.38 to V1.39


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1.38 to 1.39 UPDATE NOTICE:

We have identified a critical issue with the Corbus interface on PowerSeries Neo panels (HS2016, HS2032, HS2064, HS2128) running firmware v1.38. This issue can result in a loss of communication on the bus, causing devices and modules to disconnect from the control panel. Affected panels will display the error "System Fault Call for Service" on all keypads.

To address this issue, we have released the new v1.39 firmware upgrade, which is specifically designed to enhance system performance, particularly in the Corbus interface. This upgrade includes optimized Corbus functionality, improved DLS interaction, and resolution of continuous status upload issues.

  • For panels not connected to Alarm.com, it is imperative that you follow the standard firmware update procedure on DLS immediately. Contact your technical account manager for detailed instructions.
  • For panels managed on Alarm.com, refer to the instructions available on the ADC dealer portal immediately.

Failure to update the PowerSeries Neo panel to the latest v1.39 firmware may impact fault notification to the monitoring station. This update is essential to ensure that the security system is running with optimal functionality to provide maximum security.

For detailed identification information, refer to the PDF version of the v1.38 Notice. 
For update instructions, please refer to the PDF version of v1.39 Update Notice.

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